Steven Basart

Computer Science PhD student

Research Interests

My current research in computer science is in the field of computer vision. I am working on the problem of visual question answering where the task can be described as given both an image and a question to produce a correct answer. Most of my research currently involves the use of machine learning and deep learning methods.


Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) 2014 to ongoing
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Computer Science) 2010 to 2014
University of Miami, Miami, Florida


  1. Machine Learning
  2. Robot Planning/AI
  3. Computer Vision
  4. Algorithms
  5. Databases


  1. TA for Intro. to Computer Science (Winter 2016)
  2. TA for Computational Biology (Fall 2015)

Research Experience

  • Computer Science 2014 to current
    I am working with Dr. Greg Shakhnarovich at TTIC in the areas of machine learning and computer vision on the problem of visual question answering. I have worked with Torch to create various neural network models.

  • Biochemistry 2011 to 2014
    I worked with Dr. Richard Myers at the University of Miami trying to create a generic genetic therapy via transducible gene editing proteins. I ran western blots, gel electrophoresis, transductions, PCR, and electroporation


  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. Javascript / NodeJS
  4. Git / SVN
  5. MySQL
  6. OpenGL


Here Maps Research Intern Summer 2016
I developed a model that creates road probability maps that can be used to detect differences between artificial maps and the real roads. python, tensorflow


  • OpenGL Renderer
    I created a simple OpenGL renderer to render some height maps and draw some objects. Applies simple lighting and texturing.

  • BattleShip game over internet
    I created a simple Battleship game in C that has a client, server interface.